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Ryukyu Underground met in hMV / Eve [外国]
Dear Keith and Jon,

my name is eve and i first heard of your music in HMV Tokyo, while I browse through CD, they put your CD for listening so i picked up one. And oh my god.. if my Japanese music teacher (I studied in SOAS with Dr David hughes) heard it, I'm not sure what he'll say..

anyway, i'm back in London, and still missing your music. Just to let you know I appreciate the way you remix okinawa music and hope a new album is on its way soon.

now i shd head back to itunes and beg a friend to get me the itunes card, so that i can collect all your music

また、itunes に
No.324 - 2009/07/09(Thu) 14:28:41
Re: Ryukyu Underground met in hMV / Keith [沖縄]
thanks for the kind comments Eve. Yeah, I'm not sure what your Japanese music teacher would say about what we do. Ultra traditionalists would likely be not too impressed but we really only make music for ourselves and it's always great when people hear something in what we do that touches them...

Check out the promo video for Umaku Kamade off the new album "Umui" at YouTube...
No.325 - 2009/07/28(Tue) 22:17:12
Hello, Nice to meet you!! / Michiko [外国]
Dear Jon & Keith,
Hello, I'm Michiko. I am a Japanese & am in London now. I've had some of your sounds a couple years ago, But I didn't concentrate to listen to it when I've got... But, Now I can feel something emotion! Sorry, but even in Japanese, I can't express my inside. But It's shock for me!! Ryukyu meets several countries. Wonderful!
How can I say..., I have no idea. But, My heart is swinging! It's very good feel!! I wish I could join yours...
At least, I could get your new album in London...
Anyway, Thank you so much!! Your sounds are WONDERFUL!!!
かなさんどー、Ryukyu Underground!&Okinawa!!
No.320 - 2009/06/08(Mon) 19:01:09
Urasoe Western seaside / ryukyuugi [沖縄]
Dear Ryukyu UNdergrand.
My name is Ryukyu YUGi.
I send message to you for teach Urasoe Weatern seaside.
This place is so nice.because in spite of IN city ,This place have nature.

but Citizen of Urasoe don't know this seaside.
adn Urasoe city destroy it for load and earn.

so If you have intaresting in it. please visit this seaside.

and this is my youtube about this seaside. please watch it!!


No.318 - 2009/05/14(Thu) 21:43:11
Re: Urasoe Western seaside / Keith [沖縄]
thanks for that Yugi. I feel the same way about a special place in Ginowan close to my old place I used to swim at- some of the best coral in the Islands never mind just the main Island and I hear they want to build over it...

Will they ever learn?
じゃ ね
No.319 - 2009/06/05(Fri) 13:52:41
hey / sako [沖縄]
hi keith! it's sako!

conguratulations on new release.

i missed the 11th...
guess i'm too obasan to catch up with club events!!

anyways, let's meet up sometime soon.
No.314 - 2009/04/22(Wed) 12:25:15
Re: hey / Keith [沖縄]
Hey Sako,
Great to hear from you, shame you missed the event on the 11th, great night. Come up north sometime and pay us a visit...I rarely hit the big city lights these days!
No.315 - 2009/04/23(Thu) 23:44:19
new album / mimi
salut Ryukyu underground !

I've listened the new album.
so great. worth to wait.
please give us more new information with your HP.

No.313 - 2009/04/17(Fri) 13:31:52
please!!!!! / tomoka [外国]
please!!!!!! hold an event in hawaii.
I stay in Hawaii now.
I want to go to event in okinawa.
but I'm now Hawaii.
maybe, I come back on August in JAPAN.
please come in Hawaii!!!!!!!!!

No.312 - 2009/04/10(Fri) 20:35:38
Yeah, no up date!? / Totti [外国]
Hi Guys,

Are you guys working for recording or something?
no up date for long time!

Love to know what are you doing!

Ciao! じゃね!
No.308 - 2009/03/05(Thu) 01:17:44
Re: Yeah, no up date!? / キース [沖縄]

sorry it's been so long between updates - finally got round to updating the site with news of our new album - out April 15th...
No.311 - 2009/03/11(Wed) 10:18:20
Hey guys... / Mike Andrews [地球外]
I don't know whether you'll remember me, but it's Mike! we met and chatted briefly out front of the weather beaten guest house on nago beach. I finally got around to checking out your website and listening to your sounds. Really interesting mix... perhaps a video/music collaboration would be in order in the future? Would be an good path to take the aggressive tones out of my films for a little bit... マイク
No.309 - 2009/03/11(Wed) 07:49:16
Re: Hey guys... / Keith [沖縄]

Remember well, got some good pictures that day. Thanks for checking out the tunes- just getting the wheels in motion here for our upcoming release. You can mail me (link above) about any ideas you have for collaboration. Look forward to hearing more...
No.310 - 2009/03/11(Wed) 10:14:58
大リニューアルいたしました!! / ゆか
総合画像掲示板 がじゅまるが大リニューアルいたしました!
No.307 - 2009/01/30(Fri) 15:20:49
大リニューアルいたしました!! / さゆり
総合画像掲示板 がじゅまるが大リニューアルいたしました!
No.306 - 2009/01/29(Thu) 17:53:46
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