◆ 2013/08/30(Fri)

Who am I?
What are you?

◆ 2013/05/18(Sat)

//Hide and Seek//

So I'll give a sign
And dare to be found
Please find me
It's really a strange to play this game

◆ 2013/05/18(Sat)


拾ったものはすぐに捨てて 与えられたものは大事にする
そのズレた感覚を 正すのは一体誰の仕事?

◆ 2013/05/18(Sat)


特別なものじゃなくて すぐ傍で感じられるから

◆ 2013/05/18(Sat)

//Don't get me wrong//

What do you think about the future between us?
Are we going to break up?
Who the hell knows that...

◆ 2013/05/18(Sat)


浅かった関係の人達と 今更繋がるのも違うよな

◆ 2013/05/18(Sat)


It doesn't matter anymore because we are no longer in touch

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